Professor Anthony Pappas Endorsed for Congress

Dr. Anthony Pappas, endorsed candidate for Congress in New York’s 14th District calls for action on parent-child separations


While outrage grows and politicians seethe at the separation of children from undocumented immigrants, the same tragedies on a larger scale occur in the family and divorce courts across the United States with no concern from Congress.


In these civil courts, American citizens and legal residents are at the mercy of a single judge who has been given far too much authority to separate good moms and dads from their children on false pretenses while abusing Title IV-D incentive funding to do so.


Typically a father or a mother has not broken any law and is not charged with any crime. But under this antiquated custody system, a biased or capricious judge can make the extreme decision that will prevent a parent's contact with his or her children for years. Birthdays, holidays, and other important family occasions are devasted in the wake. Parents here in our own country may not even know the physical location of their children. Long overdue shared parenting laws are opposed by special interests.


The resulting emotional anguish impacts our productivity, health care, social costs and moral fiber as a nation, even leading to mass murders in our schools. These separations for profit compel thousands of loving parents each year to commit suicide. Similarly impacted military who have served our country also resort to suicides likely explaining a major cause for a veteran rate of 22 per day. Police officers who have put their lives at risk, teachers, nurses and others, fall victim in the same manner. So callous is the process that when these suicides take place during a pending court case, it is simply marked off as "Closed" and it is on to the next victims.


Yet we see no politicians showing up at courthouses to demand answers and reforms. We hear no politicians making speeches and bemoaning the deaths of innocent mothers and fathers by our legal system.  We do not see any calls for accountability and redress of grievances as this carnage continues unabated in the courthouses of the United States.


This has become a silent epidemic. I am therefore calling upon the congressional oversight committee to investigate and conduct hearings on this matter, to rectify the human and civil rights abuses that are destroying lives and families in America. I can be contacted at (718) 626-0349 or by e-mail at

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